Y-Pattern Pressure Seal Bonnet

Y-Pattern Pressure Seal Bonnet

FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES has a very extended experience in supplying this type of valve for high pressure applications. The manufacturing features:

  • fully guided disc in the body
  • alternative shapes of disc (plug type, needle type, parabolic shape)
  • swivel type stem-to-disc connection

are all deemed to allow adaptation to various service conditions, including throttling service. The Y-pattern fluid path shape helps to reduce fluid turbulence and consequent cavitation phenomenon. Design can be to ASME B16.34 but, also, to EN 12516. Cast body construction and forged body construction are both available.

Materials range from carbon steel to low alloy steels (including the widely used 9% Cr alloys), to austenitic stainless steel, to nickel alloys. Packing systems are based on graphite material, but ceramic fiber yarn packing sets are also available for temperature exceeding 600°C.

Materials are either to ASTM/ASME standards or to EN standards, either harmonized or calculated to design conditions. Pressure classes (per ASME standard) are normally ranging from 900# to 1500#, 2500# and 2500#. Class 4500# is also available but only in the forged body construction.


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Globe Y-Pattern Pressure Seal Bonnet

Globe Y-Pattern Pressure Seal Bonnet - Application