Nozzle Type

Nozzle Type

This type of non return valve is mainly used in gas systems for the protection of the compressors in case of reverse flow. The main features are a non-slam functioning, low pressure drop related to the geometry of the flow path, elimination of the risk of fluid leakages to the environment obtained by trim construction, fully contained in the body. FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES line of product can be substantiated with computerized fluidynamic analysis determining the flow behavior at the service conditions indicated by the customer.

Design is normally complying with ASME B16.34. Materials are normally carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel, but other materials (such as austenitic stainless steel) can be used per customer request. Seats are normally with soft inserts. Pressure classes are normally ANSI 600# or 900#. Other pressure classes are anyhow available per specific customer request.


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