Power Generation

Application - Power Generation

Power Generation

FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES, through the know how and experience of Friulco, has incorporated a wide range of engineering products for this application. The required valves are wedge or parallel slide gate valves, swing check valves, globe valves, stop check globe valves. Focus is placed on products for high pressure and high temperature service. The media are high pressure feed water service and/or superheated steam high temperature service (lately approaching 650 degrees centigrade continuous service). The design is based on pressure seal bonnet (also called “autoclave”) ideal for body/bonnet joint sealing at high pressures. Materials and manufacturing process controls for all products which will be used in extremely critical conditions are treated with particular care. In fact, material composition, heat treatment, welding procedures, and manufacturing processes are strictly connected with the safety and life-cycle of product in service. For example, the high temperature steam service valves in modified 9 per cent chrome material (C12A castings, F91 forgings, Werkstoff 1.4903 forgings) and materials for high pressure moderate temperature water lines (Werkstoff 1.6368; 15NiCuMo5Nb).


Design standards ANSI/ASME B16,34, EN 12516. Pressure seal bonnet design. Bolted bonnet under request for intermediate pressure classes. Cast construction and forged construction available. ASME code compliance and CE/PED requirements compliance both available. Sizes 2” through 48”, pressure classes 150# through 4500# as applicable. Gate valves available in flexible wedge, split wedge and parallel slide disc available. Materials: carbon steel alloy steel and nickel alloys available Electric motor operated, hydraulic actuator and pneumatic (double or single effect) available.

Engineered Products

Three way switch valves: specially designed valves to switch the fluid flow into a by-pass line. Typical service: by-pass pre-heating water system in case of malfunctioning of the preheater. Stop check y-pattern globes, cast and forged construction acting as Non Return Piston checks with stem in the “open” position and as Off Valve with stem in the “closed” position.