Engineered ball, gate, globe and check valves for the oil and gas and power generation industries

A centre of excellence in the engineered valve industry: Fluitek Valves puts its customer first, guaranteeing to deliver cost and time effective solutions to EPCs and End Users in the Oil and Gas and Power industries worldwide. Our mission consists in providing quick and effective answers to our customers’ needs.


Oil & Gas Production

Oil&Gas Production - Engineered Valves

The main valves associated with oil and gas production are ball and gate valves. Fluitek Orsenigo Valves is specialized in manufacturing the high end range of these valves, that is special high pressure […]


Oil & Gas Transmission

Oil&Gas Transmission - Engineered Valves

Oil and gas transmission lines use three main ON/OFF valve service products: ball valves, through conduit gate valves, full opening swing check valves. The main standard of reference for all these valves […]


Oil & Gas Processing

Oil&Gas Processing - Engineered Valves

Fluitek Valves is active in this section of valves application for ON/OFF service valves. The most commonly used valves are ball and gate valves, globe valves and check valves (both swing,  […]



Power Generation - Engineered Valves

Fluitek Valves has incorporated a wide range of engineering products for this application. Focus is placed on products for high pressure and high temperature service. The media are high pressure feed water […]