Oil & Gas Production

Application - Oil and Gas Production

Oil & Gas Production

The main valves associated with oil and gas production are ball and gate valves. The standard of reference for all these valves is API 6A/ISO 10423. FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES is specialized in manufacturing the high end range of these valves, that is special high pressure (5000 to 15.000 PSI), high quality demand (PSL2 or PSL3 forged construction), special materials (stainless 13% Cr, F6NM, duplex steels, nickel alloys) and extreme service conditions (low temperature, anti wearing internals). Swing and piston check valves in accordance with API 6A are also available. A specific application related to oil and gas production are the valves installed on off-shore platforms and FPSO. Types and standards are similar if not identical to the valves used in the processing plants, with materials that have to consider marine environment (duplex steels instead of austenitic stainless steels) and sea water fluid.


According to API 6A. Size 1. 13/16” – 7. 1/16” Classes 3000, 5000, 10000, 15000 psi. Non standard sizes (such as 13.5/8) available upon request. Extreme service conditions, General and Sour service, low temperature, anti wearing internal components. High quality demand: PSL1, PSL2, PSL3 or PSL4 (on request). Available in special materials: AISI 4130, AISI 410, F6NM, Duplex Steel, Nickel alloys, Titanium alloys. Tungsten carbide coating on seating surfaces. CE/PED requirements compliance available.

Engineered Products

Globe valves designed to API 6A standard ale also available on request. Gate valves designed to API 6A standard for geothermal wellheads are available on request. Ball and Double Block & Bleed Valves designed to API 6A metal seated. Special construction with anti-erosion and anticorrosion overlay on wetted surfaces. Positive and adjustable chokes are available on specific request.