Oil & Gas Processing

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Oil & Gas Processing

FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES is active in this section of valves application for ON/OFF service valves. The most commonly used valves are ball and gate valves, globe valves and check valves (both swing, tilting disc and piston check available).

All kinds of material combinations are available, depending on service conditions request. Products for corrosion and erosion resistance are available (such as valves for sour oil and gas service, fluids containing particles, etc).

Processing plants have increasingly emphasized the need to control fugitive emissions in the atmosphere both for environmental and safety reasons.

FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES has devoted specific attention to the matter by equipping itself for fugitive emission testing of its valves in accordance with ISO 15848 – 1 (Prototype testing) and ISO 15848 – 2 (Production testing). Packing systems are also tested in accordance with the principles of API 622.


Designs according to API 600, API 6D, ANSI/SME B16,34, EN 12516. Sizes 2” through 60”, pressure classes 150# through 1500#. Bolted bonnet design. Pressure seal bonnet design also available for higher pressure classes. CE/PED requirements compliance available. Materials: carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel (including duplex and super duplex) nickel alloy. By-pass features, jacket feature, stem extension feature available. Electric motor operated, hydraulic actuator and pneumatic (double or single effect) available.

Engineered Products

Tilting disc check valves. Non-slam operation. Best service in lines with slow fluid flow. Bonnet less design sizes 3”-30” classes 150# and 300#. Classes 600# and above with pressure seal bonnet. Bellows seal gate, globe valves gate and globe valves with stainless or nickel alloy hydro-formed bellows seal welded to stem head and body/bonnet joint to eliminate fugitive emissions of dangerous fluids. Construction maintaining secondary stem sealing system for emergency. Oxygen service valves gate, globe and check valves, assembled and cleaned in environment ensuring total cleanliness from any contaminating residuals. Essential for safe usage in oxygen lines. Packaged in sealed envelopes to ensure maintaining of cleanliness till installation. Cryogenic ball, gate and globe valves design with bonnet extension per customer requirements. Service temperatures down to -196° centigrades available with cryogenic testing. Ball valves equipped with low emission stem packing for lethal service.