Swing Type Pressure Seal Bonnet

Swing Type Pressure Seal Bonnet

This type of valve, non-return, is coupled with on-off valves in high pressure lines to protect the system from the fluid reversing flow, when regular flow is stopped. The disc resistance to flow is keeping it open, a minimum flow rate being needed. FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES can supply, based on service conditions (fluid, temperature, pressure, flow rate) the analysis of the behavior of the valve and its limits. One of the limits of this type of valve is “slamming” to close position when fluid flow stops. FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES can supply counter weights, rotary dumpers (also called “dashpot systems”) to prevent “slamming”, all requiring the hinge mounted outside of the body. Design can be to ASME B16.34 but, also, to EN 12516.

Cast body construction (both flanged and with butt weld ends) and forged body construction (with butt weld ends) are both available. Materials range from carbon steel to low alloy steel (including the widely used modified 9% Cr alloys) to austenitic stainless steels, to nickel alloys.

Pressure classes (per ANSI standard) are normally ranging from 600# to 900#, 1500# and 2500#. 4500# class is also available in the forged body construction only. Size range depends on pressure class requirements, FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES having no limits in relation to market requirements.


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